Bucket List

What do you want to do with your life?



I am dreaming about traveling, working and finding the meaning of life in the way.







Visit Iceland

Go camping in the Lofoten, Norway (2017)

Take a train through Russia

Snowboard in Japan

Hike in Sujetska national park

Go hiking in the Alps in the Summer

Road trip through eastern Europe

Travel alone and meet great new people on the way

Sleep under the stars

Shoot the amazing northern lights (2017)

Go freeriding on the mountains and stay in a tent for the time there

Own a travel van

Get a tattoo

Get a dog (2018)

Live in another country than Finland (2018)

Work in a Ski Resort (2018)

Make a video of a road trip

Make a documentary

Be a photographer at a wedding

Build my own house

Own my own company